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I’m selling my apartment, what goes into my storage unit?

Congratulations on your upcoming move!

Even if you’re not doing full-blown home staging — where you get a decorator to come in and make your house look like a movie set — you should at least consider storing your extra things.

{Book plug: I have a very funny chapter called “Staging the Bohemian Apartment,” in my new book, available here.}

The point of storing is to make your home look capacious. I have been at open houses for $1.3 million apartments where, I’m not kidding, the mixer was left in the dining room and the broom was out in the second bedroom.

That turns off a buyer. The buyer thinks, “if the seller can’t fit all her stuff into this place, where am I going to put all my stuff?”

So go ahead and get a mini-storage locker, just for the next few months. If you think you’re going to need to visit it twice a month, snag one nearby.

Here’s what to put in it:

* Suitcases;

* Kitchen appliances you do not use every single week (e.g., the breadmaker);

* Off-season clothes;

* Collectibles such as baseball cards (yes, I have been to an open house where it looked like there was no closet space because the Yankees had taken it all);

* Holiday china and extra dishes;

* Half your entertainment media such as books, CDs, videotapes, records, etc. (Really, you can live without all your movies for a few months).

Getting rid of this layer of stuff will allow you to organize your closets, or at least put the stuff lying around in corners and on tabletops into your closets. It is especially important to do this if you have kids, because obviously you can’t store the stroller and the bouncy seat, so you want to create room in the closets to stow those away before a showing.

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